Pau d'Arco and Lupus

Pau d'Arco is often suggested as a useful herbal remedy in the case of many illnesses. One of the diseases for which such claims are made is lupus. This condition is sometimes known by the longer name of systemic lupus erythematosus, or simply an acronym of that: SLE. In particular, some people use Pau d'Arco as an attempt to treat skin issues that appear as manifestations of lupus. However, before you begin taking this herb as a treatment, please talk with your doctor, to determine whether he recommends it for you based both on safety and usefulness. For now, have a look into more details about SLE.

What is lupus

This condition is autoimmune in its type, meaning that in it the perosn's immune system has an improper response to things that are typically found within the body. It is also a systemic illness. Various areas of the body are hurt by this condition. One of these is the heart. Additionally, the liver is often affected. The kidney is another organ that is commonly harmed. One of the other frequently-affected things is the person's skin.

As for causes or risk factors, generally, it is thought that lupus is an issue that is impacted by more than one gene. A diagnosis of this condition usually occurs in an age range of 15 on the low end to 44 on the high end, but other ages are possible as well. Females are diagnosed with this illness at a significantly higher rate than are males.

What are some symptoms of this condition?

There are many symptoms that a person with lupus can experience. Muscle pain is one of the common issues. Exhaustion is something else that frequently occurs. The person's joints can be affected by pain, a situation which is known as arthralgia. Fever is another symptom that is often mentioned. Beyond this, there are many more. One of them is a skin symptom which is known as a malar rash. Somewhere around the range of just below a third up to a half of people with lupus are thought to have this particular symptom. Other skin issues can also appear, as well as symptoms related to the heart, lungs, and other parts of the body.

How is Pau d'Arco useful for those with this medical condition?

It's important to keep in mind that this information is not based on clinical research. Many people do use Pau d'Arco in an attempt to manage lupus. Particularly, this is done in order to deal with symptoms that are related to the skin. However, this author was unaware of any studies that point to the effectiveness of this herb for treating lupus. Again, bring up this topic with your doctor, to ask about using Pau d'Arco in your own situation.

More details about Pau d'Arco

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